Jess Glynne Releases Feel-Good New Album


Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


Early last week Jess Glynne released her new album “Always In Between”. The album has 12 tracks: “Intro”, “No One”, “I’ll Be There”, “Thursday”, “All I Am”, “123”, “Never Let Me Go”, “Broken”, “Hate/Love”, “Wont Say No”, “Rollin” and “Nevermind”. Though Glynne is mostly known for her work with Clean Bandit, she herself has many songs that are topping the charts.  

Many of these songs are about personal problems the pop singer has faced, and allows Glynne to share her message to those who may need it. Her song “Intro” has a gospel feel, with a choir doing the background vocals. Glynne’s unique vibrato and smooth runs appear throughout the album and create her distinguishable sound. The song “No One” has a foot-tapping and head-bopping beat with a beautiful piano riff that continues through the entire song. In this song Glynne sings about the struggles of trying to create a name for yourself and how it is difficult to be “nobody to no one until you’re somebody to someone”.  

In one of her more popular songs “I’ll Be There”, Glynne sings about how you’re never alone, even if you feel like you have no one to turn to. “Thursday” is one of her more emotional songs, with a soft guitar plucking rather than heavy instrumentals like most of the songs on the album. As the song continues, Glynne sings about how many people feel insecure, but her overall message is to let everyone know that they are beautiful and who they are is good enough.  

The next song on her album, “ All I Am” is a song dedicated to her fans; through the song Glynne sings about how every bit of success she has comes from her fans. The song “123” has a light-hearted, jazzy tone about spreading love and being loyal. “Never let me go” has a guitar riff played throughout, about trusting people giving it a laid back feeling overall. Glynne’s song “Broken” is about picking yourself back up when you fall apart and loving people even though they have made mistakes.  

“Hate/Love” is about having mixed feelings towards people and how seeing certain people can evoke certain feelings. “Won’t Say No” is a danceable track with electro-pop instrumentals and, overall, is a pretty upbeat song. “Rollin” is a groovy song about not changing who you are to please others and staying true to yourself. Finally, the song “Nevermind” is about seeing people’s true colors and how people change overtime.  

Jess Glynne’s new album“Always In Between” is available for downloading and streaming now across various platforms.