Welcome to Trench: Twenty One Pilots Release Album ‘Unlike Any’ Before


Lexi Mariash, Staff Writer


Twenty One Pilots has officially dropped their newest album “Trench” last week. The album was announced when the two singles “Jumpsuit” and “Nico and the Niners” were released on July 11. “Levitate” and “My Blood” were later dropped until finally at midnight on Oct. 5 “Trench” was officially released.

The first three videos, “Jumpsuit”, “Nico and the Niners”, and “Levitate” are a trilogy telling the story of Tyler Joseph, lead singer and song writer, escaping Dema, a place he created in his mind describing how he feels about the world around him. In “Jumpsuit”, the first video, he is running from a bishop. The bishops, the evil characters in Dema, represent the newest persona of Blurryface, the character used to describe Joseph’s insecurities in the previous album. Joseph is in trench, where the “Banditos” reside, being watched by Banditos leader Josh Dun, the bands drummer and new co-writer. In the second video, “Nico and the Niners”, Joseph is back in Dema and the Banditos came to rescue him and take him back to Trench. In the final video, “Levitate”, Joseph is shaving his head and becoming one of the Banditos only to be dragged back to Dema by a bishop.

Twenty One Pilots is known for their cryptic messages and hidden meanings, leaving their fanbase or the “Clique” left to theorize about the meanings of Dema and the characters seen throughout the videos and music. The band is also notoriously known for leaking their music before their record label has allowed, with their last album “Blurryface” and their single from the “Suicide Squad” movie “Heathens” both leaking before the label had stated.

Oct. 5 came, and the album was fully out to everyone across the world. The track list includes the titles: “Jumpsuit”, “Levitate”, “Morph”, “My Blood”, “Chlorine”, “Smithereens”, “Neon Gravestones”, “The Hype”, “Nico and the Niners”, “Cut My Lip”, ‘Bandito”, “Pet Cheetah”, “Legend”, and “Leave The City”.

The entire album is diverse and unlike any songs they have done before making each song unique. “Neon Gravestones”, “Bandito”, and “Leave the City” are the sadder songs of the album. “Neon Gravestones” is a faster song but discusses issues with glorification of mental illnesses as well as delving into Joseph’s personal struggles with them. “Bandito” is slower but talks about living with his issues and how he is trying to gain control on them. “Leave the City” is believed to be referring to leaving Dema, or his mental issues. This song is the last on the album and finishes “Trench” by saying “they know what I mean”.

The rest of the songs were traditional to the band’s style of more upbeat songs with a rap breakdown; however, much of lyrics aren’t upbeat at all, and usually discuss the darker parts of Joseph’s life. “Smithereens” and “Legend” are the stand-out songs for something the band has never openly done: write songs about someone. “Legend’ was written for Joseph’s grandfather but, as mentioned in the song, he died before the song could be finished. ‘Smithereens” was written for Joseph’s wife Jenna and he jokes about him selling out to write this song for her in the song.

The Bandito Tour will begin Oct. 16 in Nashville, TN and will come to Tampa on Nov. 3. Additional Florida dates including Sunrise on Nov. 4, Jacksonville on June 14, Miami on June 15, and Orlando on June 16. Tickets sell out quickly and range anywhere from $132 to $1,700.

“Trench” is available for streaming and download everywhere now.