Top 5 Overrated Trends of 2018

Top 5 Overrated Trends of 2018

Alicia Sanchez-Brooks, Staff Writer

There are plenty of trends that come across as annoying, from overly obnoxious and lengthy twitter posts to bedazzled Crocs. Here are the top 5 overrated recent trends.


5. Clout Goggles

First of the top five is clout goggles. As these bug-eye shaped glasses populate the globe, I can’t help but be reminded of where they were originally established. After all, Johnny Depp playing the role of Willy Wonka really planted a seed for the trend. These multicolored glasses are very popular, but who wants to look like a chocolate connoisseur on a regular basis?


4. Overly Styled Clothes

Zipper. Rips. Tears. All signs of an overly styled piece of clothing. If it has more than one or two zippers, it is a definite fashion don’t. The zippers don’t lead anywhere either, just to more fabric. A zipper on my shin seems quite useless. There are also the rips and tears along the back of the legs that make you feel like you are wearing a hospital gown. What is the purpose of this style, and who wants to stare at the back of your legs?


3. Fanny Packs

The trend of fanny packs had in fact died, but has recently been revived. Although these are quite stylish these days, the way people wear them says a lot. Fanny packs should be worn specifically for amusement park purposes and as a necessary compartment. Those who wear them for style purposes and place them diagonally over their shoulders should be removed from society.


2. Fake Pockets

At a close number two is fake pockets on pants. This designer trend is increasing among a variety of ages, but little does the fashion industry know that having pants that lack pockets is a huge burden. While going to place your phone or keys into your pants, you realize that beyond the pocket crease is just fabric stitched down together. The illusion that there are actually pockets there is just a tease.


1. Sagging Pants with Belts

Taking place as the number one worst trend of them all: sagging with belts on. Geared mostly towards the male generation, sagging has been a constant trend, but the recent updates have been quite disturbing. Making the very least amount of sense possible, and annoying to have to view: why even wear a belt if it’s just going to weigh your pants down more?


Hopefully after viewing these trends, you will rethink what’s in your closet and what “popular” trends you tend to follow.