Avril Lavigne Returns With a Powerful New Album


Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


The popular 2000s rockstar Avril Lavigne has released a new song. “Head Above Water” is an emotional single about the struggles and hardships Lavigne has faced. This is the first song she’s released in five years, and received over one million views in the first 24 hours of it’s release.  

This was a powerful comeback song; Lavigne showed complete transparency in the lyrics and let the audience know what has been going on in her life. Lavigne’s last few songs and albums seemed to be juvenile with songs like “Hello Kitty” and “Sk8er Boi”. However, this song was more mature and had a meaningful message of always staying level-headed even when things get rough. Although Lavigne’s voice has matured, it still has it’s classic and recognizable style.  

Avril was diagnosed with a life-threatening case of Lyme disease during the summer of 2014, which put a pause on her performing and making music, but she was able to make this song as an anthem both for herself and the many other people who need to hear it. After almost giving up her battle, Lavigne wrote “Head Above Water” while she was sick in bed. She is slowly making a recovery in her health, and the singer-songwriter says she is returning to music after being on a several-year hiatus. On Sept. 26 Avril made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel to perform “Head Above Water” live for the first time.  

“Head Above Water”, along with all of Avril Lavigne’s albums are available for streaming in various platforms now.