10 Signs You Go to Gaither High School

Olivia Dyer, Staff Writer

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If you ever wondered if you’ve attended Gaither High School, here are some signs that might help confirm your conspiracy.


  • Your principals have their own talk show.

From “Burger’s Beef” to “Getting it Dunn”, expect to hear some dad jokes while reviewing rules with our assistant principals.


  • Drumline interrupts your lunch.

Every other Friday you can expect your lunchroom conversations to be cut short by the overbearing sounds of drums reminding you there’s a home game.


  • You know the custodian’s name.

If you’ve been here for a quarter, a semester, or all your four years of high school, you’ve probably stumbled upon Gaither’s true mascot; a custodian named Mario who never fails to bring a smile to student faces, even on the saddest of days.


  • Every announcement ends with “Go Cowboys!”

Whether it’s a positive announcement like “The volleyball team won a game” or a negative one like “We could’ve done better on that fire drill”, it will inevitably end with “Go Cowboys!”


  • The bell schedule has changed.

Often times when you arrive to class, you find that a new bell schedule has been printed out and class periods have been changed, which means you’re probably gonna be late to next period.


  • It takes forever to get in/out of the parking lot.

Gaither is home to many things. One of them, in particular, is our 40-minute waiting periods while entering and exiting the parking lot.


  • Everybody is a SoundCloud rapper.

Call it a phase or the Gaither Renaissance, but our school is filled with upcoming rappers who never fail to live up to our expectations.


  • Adidas track pants and a Gaither T-shirt is practically your uniform.

When you’re walking through the halls, you will almost always see track pants matched with a Gaither shirt – it’s trendy!


  • Nobody remembers you have a newspaper.

Because “Is this for yearbook?” and ”We have a newspaper?” never gets old.


  • You couldn’t be prouder to be a Cowboy!

I mean… who isn’t?

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