Ariana Grande Drops Her ‘Sweetest’ Album Yet


Amanda Hase, Staff Writer


The 25-year-old chart topper Ariana Grande  recently dropped what many consider her best album yet.

“Sweetener” was released on Aug. 17 and in just one week Grande has broken the U.S. Spotify record for biggest opening day album by a female artist with 15.1 million album streams. The album has  been ranked at No. 2 on the iTunes charts.  

This album is unlike anything Grande has ever made. She showed complete transparency and created songs that not only portray her love for her fiancé Pete Davidson, but also her emotions and fun side.  

Grande wrote a song called “Pete Davidson”, which is dedicated to her soon-to-be spouse. Even though the song is only a minute long, Grande’s legendary vocals and iconic runs definitely make appearances in the song.   

The album gives off a dreamy and relaxing vibe, but she shakes things up with a few songs that have more of an up-beat sound. Some of these songs include “sweetener”,”God is a woman”, “blazed” featuring Pharrell Williams and “breathin”. “breathin” is one of the more popular songs off of the album, standing at No.11 according to the top charts on iTunes with “God is a woman” at No.8. “R.E.M”, “better off” and “successful” are all great examples of the tranquil, dream-like vibe reflected off of this album.

After Grande’s performance of “God is a woman” at the VMA’s on Aug. 21 “Sweetener” continues to gain popularity daily. It will be difficult for Grande to outdo herself in future albums. “Sweetener” is available for download and streaming on multiple platforms now.