5 Animated Movies That Must Come to Life


Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


Live-action movies have always been a popular way to revamp classic animated films. This year and the years following, several live-action movies will be hitting the box office, including “Aladdin”, “Lion King”, “Christopher Robbin”, among many others.  

Though these movies are exciting, there are plenty of other live-action films that haven’t been determined yet. Here is a list of live-action movies that must be made and some possible actors to play the lead.  


  • The little Mermaid  

Along with the several other Disney live-action remakes, “The Little Mermaid” has a great potential. The lead role, Princess Ariel, could be played by the upcoming actress Madelaine Petsch, who currently plays Cheryl Blossom in “Riverdale”. Her naturally ginger hair would be perfect for this role, and not to mention her appearance is nearly uncanny to Princess Ariel.  


  •  Lilo and Stitch 

A movie with CGI of this caliber could have the potential to be a flop, but since “The Jungle Book” live-action did so well, there’s hope that this could also be done just as well. Potential actresses for Lilo and Nani could be played by Celine Tam and Auli’i Cravalho, respectively. Though Lilo doesn’t do much singing, Celine is known for her powerful vocals showcased on America’s Got Talent that could really make for an interesting movie. Auli’i Cravalho had her break through role as the princess Moana. She too has a very strong voice and not to mention, she and Nani are almost identical.  


  •  Hey Arnold  

“Hey Arnold”, a hit from the ‘90s, has had several movies but no live-action remakes. This movie would be cast with several child actors/ actresses and though it would be hard to find someone with a “football-head”, they could still make the movie. Possible actors could be Casey Simpson, who starred in “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn”, as Arnold, Sierra McCormick from “Ramona and Beezus” as Helga, Payton Elizabeth Lee from “Andi Mack” as Phoebe, and Caleb McLaughlin from “Stranger Things” as Harold.  


  •  Danny Phantom  

“Danny Phantom” was a hit Nickelodeon show that only ran for three seasons. The show had four movies in addition to the three seasons, but again, none of them were live-action. Possible actors for this could be Harry Styles as Daniel Fenton/Danny Phantom, Elizabeth Gillies as Sam Manson, RJ Cyler as Tucker Foley, and Ross Lynch as Dash.  


  •  Aladdin 

Though the live-action remake of this movie has already been cast, the former “Victorious” heartthrob Avan Jogia is identical to the character Aladdin and he would have been an excellent option. The actor that is casted to play him is a Canadian actor, Mena Massoud. Both of these actors are 26 years old. Naomi Scott is presently cast to play princess Jasmine, who played Kimberly in the recent “Power Rangers” movie (2017). Personally I see Vanessa Hudgens as a better princess Jasmine, though they both stared in musical Disney Films (Hudgens in “High school Musical” and Scott in “Lemonade Mouth”) It’s easier to picture Hudgens as Jasmine. Viewers can expect to see Massoud and Scott In the live-action revamp of Aladdin in 2019.  


These are five potential live-action movies that haven’t been made or could have other possible cast members. Though most of these films may not be revamped in to live-action versions, several live-action movies are set to come out between this year and next.