Season 5 Premiere of ‘The 100’ Pulls No Punches


Danielle Cotton, Staff Writer


After waiting almost a full year, fans waited eagerly as “The 100” season five premiered Tuesday night on the CW. 

Season five of “The 100” doesn’t pull any punches. The episode starts off with a quick recap of the past season before jumping straight into the episode. Season 5 episode 1 is called “Eden” after the last piece of survivable land. The episode mostly features Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), former leader of the Sky People, since the second nuclear fallout by flashing back to 42 days after Praimfaya to show Clarke struggling to get out from under the rubble she was trapped by. 

The scene we see is devastating. As Clarke looks around viewers see nothing but tan and red earth, dead trees, and Praimfaya and no water. This is also the first time we have a voice-over throughout the episode giving viewers more insight to Clarke’s mind as she navigates thought the post apocalypse Earth. 

Clarke Griffin has been through a lot in the past four seasons, having to make choices that no one should have to make, taking the blame for when things go wrong and losing the people she cares about the most. She has always remained strong for her people, never having a proper chance to grieve for Lexa and Finn’s death before she had to go off and save the people she cares the most about. This episode focuses on her emotional state and for her feeling alone for the first time after realizing she can’t get to the bunker and crying for her mom. It is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the premiere, showing how lonely Clarke feels and how much she hope she clings to that the bunker is still an option for her. 

We see her travel to Arkadia where she hopes to find food and water, but instead “all [she] found were ghosts.” She breaks down crying over the loss of the place she finally called home, and over the loss of her friends. 

Clarke is next seen traveling through the desert crying and screaming at the sky, saying she’s lost everything and has nothing left. She places a gun to her head and is ready to end it all before finding a bird to kill and eat. Another scene shows, for the first time in a while, Clarke smiling as she swims alone in the river. The only other time we seen Clarke this happy is when she is with the people she loves, which never lasts long because something bad always happens. 

At the end of season four we see Clarke with a young girl. From that brief few minutes and the trailer we know Clarke and the young girl Madi (Lola Flanery) have formed a mother-daughter relationship. Their first meeting didn’t go so well as Madi led Clarke into a bear trap and tried to kill her because Clarke was known as the Fleimkepa (Flamekeeper), people meant to find the next commander of the Grounders. Once they get that out of the way, with Clarke calling Madi “the child from hell”, the two of them form a bond, shown by Clarke drawing a picture of young Madi before skipping to present time. 

Madi brings out a side in Clarke that viewers haven’t seen in a while. Clarke has been telling Madi the history of the 100 by making them into stories as well as drawing the people she loves. Clarke has softened a bit in the last six years, but as soon as Madi was threatened by an Eligius prisoner that all went out the window. Madi believes in good guys and tells Clarke that one of the Eligius prisoners tried to help her. Clarke responds with “There are no good guys” before killing him. This is a reoccurring theme in the show, with each side having a reason for doing what they did. 

The big question that is going to come up is who will Clarke be more loyal to? Her friends trapped in space and the bunker or Madi who has been by her side for the last six years? And if something happens to Madi, how will Clarke react? Will she listen to her head or her heart? 

The other part of the episode shows what has happened to those that went up into space. Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) is the leader, Monty (Christopher Larkin) is the peacekeeper and provider, and Raven (Lindsey Morgan) has been trying to figure out how to get them back down to Earth. The two Grounders Echo (Tasya Teles) and Emori (Luisa D’Oliveira) have fit in with the rest of the Sky People. 

Meanwhile, the little glimpse of what we get to see in the bunker shows people sitting around an arena shouting for blood. Those in the arena, led by Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos), are fighting gladiator-style fighting. While not much is known about what has happened in the bunker, it is hinted at in next week’s trailer that the fighting is to control the population, will reveal how it came to be. 

“The 100” airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on the CW.