Crossovers That Cross the Line


Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


Movie crossovers are a way to unite fanbases and possibly create love for new characters in audiences. One of the biggest and most anticipated upcoming crossover movie, “Avengers: Infinity War”, will showcase several of the main Marvel characters. However, fans may be going into this with their expectations too high.   

An issue with crossovers is that characters may not get the same amount of movie portrayal, and this could cause fans to dislike the movie.  There will be multiple Marvel heroes in this movie, but there are too many for all of them to have an equal amount of screen time. With such a large crossover, it’s hard to determine who the true main character is. Even if one is distinctly chosen, why was one character picked over the other? What if people want to see the movie from another perspective? The movie could be great, but it has the potential to be very flawed and leave die-hard fans disappointed.  

Considering this movie will have so many characters, fans may also have to deal with their favorite hero dying, which may result in there never being a movie specifically about that character. As seen in the classic Marvel comics where the lives of various heroes came to an end, the death of heroes in this film is inevitable.  

Personally, I see this crossover as being too much. That many characters in one movie most likely won’t end well. The plot and action will probably be very memorable and exciting, but the character development will more than likely be lackluster. The likelihood that the movie will have time to go into details about certain characters is low so it may leave viewers with many unanswered questions. In the last Avengers movie they did an excellent job of giving all characters a fair amount of screen time and development, but in this film the cast will be much larger and will include a lot more heroes, so the chance of character development drastically decreases for all minor characters and even some main characters.  

There’s no true way to tell how the movie will go until it is released. In fact, maybe the movie will go down as one of the classics. Regardless, it’s best to go in with expectations rather low so if the movie is great then you’ll be getting more than you bargained for, and if you go in with expectations too high, then it leaves more room for disappointment. “Avengers: Infinity War” comes to theaters on April 26.