Highly-Anticipated Movie Sequels Releasing Soon


Austin Carlton, Staff Writer

This year will be full of several cinematic reboots that movie fans throughout the nation, and even the world, are all anticipating. These classic’s sequels have been long awaited and they will be coming to a theater near you soon.  


Deadpool 2 (May 18, 2018) 

This superhero action-comedy showcases Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson or Deadpool. In this movie, after a horrific medical accident, Wade develops regenerative abilities which in turn inspires him to become a superhero. In the first Deadpool movie, Wade teams up with the superheroes Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead to defeat Ajax. In the second movie, the wisecracking hero battles Cable, a new villain. The humor and action in this movie has fans everywhere excited for this sequel. 


The Incredibles 2 (June 15, 2018) 

 This widely popular Disney animated movie sequel has been awaited for 14 years! The Incredibles was a classic childhood film and the sequel will include all of the fan favorite characters from the first movie. Bob and Helen were two retired superheroes that raised their family of three kids (Violet, Dash, and JackJack) and tried their best to live a normal life.  

When the world was in danger, Mr. Incredible decided it was time for him to go back to his roots as a hero. Though he tried to keep it a secret, his family and friend, Frozone, found out about his endeavors and all joined him in his battle to defeat Syndrome, a past fan who was neglected by Mr. Incredible. After the Parr family saves the world and puts an end to Syndrome’s evildoing, a new villain known as the Under-minor arises and the family will work hard to defeat him in Incredibles 2. Only this time, Elastagirl leads the mission while Mr. Incredible watches the children… or at least tries to. 


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (June 22, 2018) 

Another film in the Jurassic Park Series follows the Jurassic World film. Though the plot of this movie is currently undetermined, fans and viewers can expect one thing… Dinosaurs! In the original film, scientists were able to bring dinosaurs back to life and showcase them in a park but, naturally, the dinosaurs become hostile and the park visitors had to fight against the prehistoric creatures in order to stay alive. Even though the plot is unknown, this fantasy film will undoubtedly have the audience on the edge of their seats! 


The Predator (Aug 3, 2018) 

This Sci-fi film is a sequel to the ‘80s film Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The original movie took place in a central-American jungle where a team of commandos fought against a hostile and dangerous creature, the Predator. The plan for this movie was to be a reboot but instead became a sequel. The action-packed Sci-fi movie will instill movie fanatics with nostalgia and may even draw in new audience members with its thrilling and unexpected plot. 


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 (Nov. 16, 2018) 

This series is planning to have at least five more films but, in this sequel written by J.K Rowling, we follow Newt Scamander as he goes on magical adventures. This entire series takes place in the same world as Harry Potter. In this movie, viewers can expect wild magical creatures as well as many more mystical experiences with some new actors cast in the film such as Johnny Depp, Katherine Waterson and Jude Law. 


Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (Nov. 21, 2018) 

This is a sequel to the popular animated Disney film Wreck-It Ralph. In the first movie of this series, Ralph is a video game villain that wants to change his ways after seeing what it’s like to be good. He teams up with a video game glitch Vanellope and they venture through several games in an arcade. In this movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, Ralph and Vanellope decide they want to explore much more than the arcade. Set six years after the first movie the duo finds an internet router that gives them access to travel much further than the arcade but there will surely be conflicts along the way. 


Mary Poppins Returns (Dec. 25, 2018) 

Another classic Disney movie will be returning for a second time this Christmas. Mary Poppins was a Disney fantasy film that came out in 1964 about a magical babysitter and her shenanigans. In Mary Poppins Returns, Jane and Michael Banks (characters from the original film) call Mary to return to help Michael’s three kids after the family suffers a loss. The enchanting musical film can unite several generations and provide moral lessons to its viewers.