Sam Smith’s New Album is ‘Thrilling’ Listeners

Sam Smith's New Album is 'Thrilling' Listeners

Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


“The Thrill of it All”, Sam Smith’s latest album, was released Nov. 3. It’s an emotionally-charged album in which Smith pours out his heart to listeners.

The 10-track album showcases Smith’s beautiful vocal range and features amazing instrumentals that compliment his vocals.This is his fourth album and is sure to be as big of a hit as the previous.

Sam Smith is an international artist that has been producing since he was 12. The now 25-year-old star has won several awards including four Grammy’s, three Billboard Music Awards and a variety of other outstanding recognitions.

His new album includes the songs: “Too Good at Goodbyes”, “Say It First”, “One Last Song”, “Midnight Train”, “Burning”, “HIM”, “Baby, You Make Me Crazy”, “No Peace”, “Palace”, and “Pray”. Each song includes a beautiful piano soundtrack and Sam’s powerful vocals.

The songs “Too Good at Goodbyes” and “Pray” are the most popular songs on the album. Smith preformed both of these songs on Saturday Night Live and left the audience thoroughly impressed. The other songs may not have as much publicity but fans wills surely enjoy them just as much.

Smith’s soulful tone and peaceful lyrics are nothing short of a masterpiece. His fans are extremely supportive of his album and they find inspiration in his complete transparency.

Smith has a very distinct voice; you may think he has gone into his falsetto until he actually utilizes it, leaving any listener thoroughly impressed. Although listening to sad songs may drag you down, Smith manages to convey the sadness while also keeping hope instilled in his audience.

“The Thrill Of It All” is available for downloading, streaming, and purchasing now.