Stranger Things Season 2 is an ‘Eleven’ Out of Ten


Amanda Hase, Staff Writer


On Friday, Oct. 27, Netflix released season two of “Stranger Things” and if you haven’t already binge-watched this 9-episode season, you definitely should.

The Duffer Brothers, the creators of the show, gave this installment their all and did not disappoint die-hard fans. This new season is filled with action and thrill that you can’t convince yourself to turn it off. Every episode ends with a chilling cliff hanger that leaves the viewer craving more and more.

The second season is about all of the main characters coming back together to fight this humongous shadow monster that rules over the “upside-down” and wants to conquer their world.

Season two introduces new characters that are added to the group. Bob is a nerdy computer geek who is in a budding relationship with Joyce Byers. Max, a young girl from California, joins the boys as they embark on the crazy journey to destroy the shadow monster but her over protective brother, Billy, may come in between her and her new friends.

The season also addresses questions people have been wondering about from the previous season in regards to Eleven’s tragic past. Of course, it also left the fans wondering what more will happen with L’s new discovery.

Relationships between some are mended while others are torn apart in this very emotionally charged season. There are plot lines that will most certainly pull at the heartstrings and make viewers feel like they’re on an emotional rollercoaster.

As always, there are countless plot twists that will completely blow your mind. Not only did the directors and writers do a fantastic job, but the actors did an exceptional job portraying their characters. The young actors of the show have improved since season one and have really shown viewers how talented they are.

The hour long season finale was the best one of all. The episode constantly left someone watching guessing and on their toes. A strong, well-known character

returns and surprises the rest of the group to help fight this war between the humans and the “Demogorgon’s”. This return surprises the viewers and adds so much thrill and action to the episode.

Everyone is splitting up to do their individual jobs and some characters may be saying their final goodbyes to one another. The fear of not knowing what is going to happen to these characters during the final moments of Chapter 9 drives the audience crazy and there’s so many different ways this series could potentially shift towards through future additions.

The ending of the season was left open-ended in order to allow for a third. The Duffer Brothers have already confirmed the plot but are not sure on a filming or release date yet.

Overall, this season of “Stranger Things” was highly satisfying and did not disappoint one bit. Viewers are left wondering how the creators plan to do better on season three, if that’s even possible. If you haven’t already, go home, get comfy with some snacks and watch season two of “Stranger Things” now streaming on Netflix.

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