DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween Costumes

Sabrina Maxey, Staff Writer


Halloween is just around the corner, which means the race for costumes is in full gear. To avoid the overpriced and cheap quality costumes from any Halloween store, the best way to go is a homemade DIY costume. All items can be found on Amazon. 



  • Emperor’s New Groove 

What’s his name? Kuzco. 

Red robe from $7.69 

The crown and giant blue earrings can be made out of construction paper.



  • Rick and Morty 

Prepare to have an amazing adventure with this iconic duo costume. 

Lab coat starting at $9.79 

Light blue t shirt $1.00 

Yellow t shirt $2.29 


  • Lizzie Mcguire’s Cartoon 

How could we know what happened in the movie without the help of Lizzie’s trusty cartoon? This costume is simple and classic. 

Sleeveless purple tank from $7.99 

Brown platform sandals from $14.50 


  • Hawaiian Punch 

This witty outfit is sure to get some laughs. 

Boxings gloves from $6.67  


 Men’s Hawaiian shirt from $15 



  •  Burt Macklin 

“This case just got a whole lot more interesting”. 

Blue nylon jacket $15.57 

 Aviator sunglasses $2.95 

 Cut out the letters “FBI” on yellow construction paper and tape them onto the back of the jacket.