‘Haters Back Off’ Makes a Comeback


Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


YouTube’s favorite tone-deaf, lipstick wearing star Miranda Sings’ show, Haters Back Off has returned to Netflix for season two on Oct. 20.

During season one we met: Miranda Sings (Colleen Ballinger), the main character; Patrick (Erik Stocklin), Miranda’s best friend/ admirer; Uncle Jim (Steve Little), Miranda’s manager and her overly-supportive uncle; Bethany, (Angela Kinsey) Miranda’s mom and Emily (Francesca Reale), Miranda’s secret sister.

Miranda, the star of the show, is a tone deaf singer, actress, model and magician. She’s known for her smeared lipstick and her lack of talent.

Patrick, Miranda’s best friend admires her. Despite Patrick’s efforts in pursuing Miranda, she never realizes how deeply in love with her he is.

Miranda’s uncle, Uncle Jim, plays a large role in starting Miranda’s career. He worked to book Miranda’s gigs and encouraged her to post videos all the while making every viewer laugh and feel slightly uncomfortable being that he’s the uncle who really shouldn’t be allowed near kids.

Miranda’s Mom, Bethany, is a timid mother who is known for being a hypochondriac. Although she lacks parental skills, she supports Miranda and her endeavors.

Miranda’s sister, Emily, was a new character no one had heard of. In the show it’s revealed Emily and Miranda had made a deal to keep it a secret that her and Emily are related because Emily is ashamed of Miranda, hence the reason any true “Mirfanda” was shocked when they found out about Emily.

In season one, Miranda starts on her path to fame. She publishes videos to YouTube showcasing her many talents (or lack there of). In the show we see re-creations of actual videos Miranda has posted on Youtube, and some of the videos are the exact ones she uploaded.

Miranda’s goofball-filled family plays a big role in the show. These characters have frequently been mentioned in her YouTube videos (excluding Miranda’s sister Emily) and we finally got to meet them in season one. In season two, it’s revealed we will also meet Miranda’s father and other characters as well.

At the end of season one, we saw Miranda both hopeful and desperate. She had finally gone viral but had no one to share her excitement with because she had mistreated her family and friends. Miranda destroyed her sister’s art collection for her college application, she stood up Patrick, she left Uncle Jim and refused to acknowledge that her mother was actually ill.

In season two will Miranda, the narcissistic and arrogant “star”, be able to turn things around? Find out in season two now streaming on Netflix.