11 Dance Movie Scenes That Will Have You On Edge


Alicia Sanchez-Brooks, Staff Writer


We all have a place in our hearts just for perfect moment dance scenes, those scenes that all girls felt were very important or plain out unforgettable. From the dresses to the music, hair and slow dances, at one point we all can relate to wanting to be a part of some of these most memorable scenes.


  • Duff

After Bianca walked into the dance the boy she is deeply into, who happens to be her best friend, was star-struck by her outfit. He later on ends up kissing her in front of the whole school after turning down his prom king crown and his rude ex-girlfriend.

  • Another Cinderella Story

The elegance of this scene captures how confident most girls want to be while dancing with the one guy of their dreams. Wearing a red dress to a black and white ball was definitely a bold move. The fact that instead of leaving a shoe she left her music playlist, really creates the plot twist  in this modern-day version of the Cinderella story.

  • Grease

The crazy flare of dancing is an interesting choice in this scene, but Grease‘s dance hall scene was centered around a dance contest live at their prom which was really interesting. Grease and Footloose share a similar type of dance with multiple people bursting out in style.

  • Sky High

When Gwen reveals herself to be Royal Pain, the villain and everyone is shocked because they assumed Royal Pain was a boy? Priceless. Ruining prom brings all the students together in a fashionable team to defeat the villains and gain all the adults back from Royal Pain’s clutch.

  • High School Musical

The most magical moment of all time takes place as we say goodbye to our favorite cast. Imagine a guy traveling away from prom just to create one lasting memory. The song “Can I Have This Dance” was a tear-shedding scene as Troy Bolton hopes Gabriella will come back to East High with him.

  • Mean Girls

Even though there wasn’t much of a dance scene itself, this dance was very memorable. When Katy splits her tiara for winning prom queen into little pieces and shares it with all the girls, the movie creates an uplifting, inspirational feeling, because all girls want to feel like queens at the end of the day.

  • Starstruck

Jessica gets serenaded by Christopher as an apology to her at her school dance. Imagine having a famous superstar pine after you and apologize in front of a whole bunch of people. In the end she forgives him after he clears everything up on live TV.

  • A Cinderella Story

This scene consists of a couple dancing together under a gazebo mysteriously and the girl meeting her anonymous texting pal for one dance in which he is allowed to ask any three questions of his choice. With violins playing in the background, it’s a beautiful dance they share together.

  • Carrie

Although this moment isn’t one any girl would want to happen, having tons of blood dropped onto you couldn’t possibly be an enjoyable moment. The one time you’re supposed to shine and it was ruined by some mean girls seeking revenge.

  • Footloose

The original movie Footloose thrills everybody to the point of getting in the middle of the dance floor and dancing wildly together. The scene is filled with uncoordinated, playful moves and everyone cheers you on no matter how different your moves are.

  • Perks of Being a Wallflower

The scene starts off with the main character leaning against the wall and eventually deciding to join his two best friends in the middle of the dance floor. The three all dance together in a circle to an uplifting song.


Don’t you want to recreate these scenes at your own school dance? These 11 scenes were big hits for everyone and we have all fallen in love with the cherished moments these movie directors created.