Netflix Originals You Won’t Want to Miss


Austin Carlton, Staff Writer

Netflix is well-known for being an excellent way to stream movies and tv shows. They frequently update their content and release new movies and tv series every month. Here’s what you can expect to find on Netflix for September 2017.


Bojack Horseman Season 4 (Sept. 8, 2017)


Although the show is being released later than expected, Bojack Horseman will be back in September. Not much information about the season has been released yet, however it is confirmed that the cast from previous seasons will be returning including: Will Arnett, Alison Brie, Aaron Paul and Amy Sedaris


First They Killed My Father (Sept. 15, 2017)

This dramatic movie is directed by Angelina Jolie. Although Angelina hasn’t directed many movies, this is sure to bring a tear to your eye as you experience the life of a child in the middle of a warzone. The movie is based on a memoir written by Loung Ung and takes place in Cambodia during the Civil War. The tear-jerking film will likely follow in the footsteps of other Netflix Original movies and receive outstanding awards for its cinematography.


Strong Island (Sept. 5, 2017)

This movie is set to come out the same day as First They Killed My Father. The documentary is from Yance Ford, a well-known filmmaker. The film was first debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and documents the death of Yance’s brother, as well as provides insight about alleged corruption in the social justice system and how his brother’s murderer got away with no charges. It is said to be the only documentary Netflix plans to release in September.


Fuller House Season 3, Part 1 (Sept. 22, 2017)

This Netflix spin-off of the classic sitcom Full House is finally returning. The former Fuller House cast will all be reprising their roles and some of the original Full House cast will have guest appearances as well. Netflix is planning to release the first part of season 3 Sept. 3, and it is estimated that the second part will be released sometime in 2018. Netflix plans to air nine episodes in both parts.





Our Souls at Night (Sept. 29, 2017)

This Netflix Original movie features well-known Netflix star Jane Fonda, who starred in the Netflix Original series Grace and Frankie. After finding out a life-altering secret about her husband that changes their love life, Addie, Jane Fonda’s character must learn to live with this change. Addie does her best to adapt to this complication and eventually ends up finding love in her neighbor, who is played by Robert Redford.


Stranger Things Season 2 (Oct. 31, 2017)

Although this thrilling Netflix Original series won’t be airing in September, Netflix has confirmed that it will be released this Halloween.  This fan-favorite focuses on a group of young teenagers who find a missing girl that is more than she seems. All of the original cast will be returning along with new cast members as well. Some of the new cast include the young actress Sadie Sink and actor Dacre Montgomery.

These are just a few new titles you can expect to see on Netflix this September. Netflix is constantly adding new shows and movies available for streaming. You can expect to see many of your favorite titles and other brand new content coming to Netflix soon.