Summer 2017: A Recap


Danielle Cotton, Staff Writer

The summer of 2017 was full of different events that captured the eyes of audiences everywhere. From Beyonce giving birth to the MLB all-star game, here’s a recap of what went down this summer:

Pop Culture

  • The San Diego Comic Con had many celebrities from different popular shows and movies. Guests were able to get sneak peeks to this year’s most anticipated films and TV shows.
  • OJ Simpson was released from jail and was granted parole after serving nine years for armed robbery. It has been over 20 years since the Juice Saga began after the death of Nicole Simpson.
  • The twentieth anniversary of Diana, Princess of Wales death was marked by a two-part special that aired on ABC, “The Story of Diana.”


  • June 12th marked the one year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting. Memorials around the state honored those who were killed by the gunman.
  • A massive sinkhole opened in Land O’ Lakes and 8 homes have been condemned since the sinkhole first appeared.
  • Avatar section opened on Disney, Epcot opening Guardian of the Galaxies section and getting rid of Ellen’s Energy Adventure. Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Theme Park opened in Orlando.


  • The United States won the Soccer Concacaf Gold Cup. One of the games took place at Raymond James Stadium here in Tampa.
  • Rafael Nadal broke the record by winning his 10th French Open
  • The Golden State Warriors won NBA championship. Stephen Curry was voted MVP.


  • Several new faculty members came to Gaither including 3 new APs.
  • The Marching Cowboys began their practices this summer and will perform during halftime at the first home game. This year’s show is titled “Unbound.”
  • For this first time, students were able to receive their schedules before open house by coming into school and picking up a copy.