NxWorries’ ‘Yes Lawd!’ Disappoints after ‘Malibu’


Seth Bos, Staff Writer

    Brandon Paak Anderson know for his stage name, “Anderson Paak,” joins forces with New Jersey born producer Knxwledge (pronounced Knowledge) to create “Yes Lawd!” under the group name NxWorries. Combining Paak’s raspy melodies with Knxwledege’s beats to make an album that showcases a sense of modernized soul music mixed with Hip Hop influence.

    That’s all the album really really showed, however, being number 9 on iTune’s Hip Hop/Rap album chart making it seem as if it was a force to be reckon with.This may be due to Paak being named one of the best young artists in Hip Hop by XXL’s Freshmen Class of 2016.

    The 19 track album seems pretty easy to forge and such a stretch to listen to all the way through. Even though the album was about an hour long when listening, it felt as if it was longer.The beats Knxwledge gives throughout the album sound very repetitive and bland. Paak’s more intricate but now less diverse vocals on this project does not compare to his up lifting vocals on his last album “Malibu”.

   There were a handful of decent songs. “Starlite” brings an old-timey beat that mixed swell with Paak’s flowing rhymes over it. The duo also create a visual for the song “Link up” that allows you to think you can have fun with your friends anywhere.

    Overall, NxWorries album “Yes Lawd!” didn’t really bring  anything great to the table. The combination of being too long, boring and just not pleasing based off of their projects before. It was a better in thought than in reality.