TWD: Season Premiere Recap (SPOILERS)

TWD: Season Premiere Recap (SPOILERS)

Brennan Dial, Staff Writer

The Walking Dead is back and didn’t waste any time messing with fans’ emotions. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!As season six wrapped up, Rick and the group had gotten into some trouble with a group of survivors led by a guy named Negan. He was not happy about Rick and the others had just killed some of Negan’s men and he felt he needed to return the favor. After he gave a speech, he told Rick he was going to kill one of them and they finished the episode with the 1st person point of view of the victim getting hit in the head with a bat.

The season premier picked up where last season’s finale left off.  At first not showing who died, Negan dragged Rick into a R.V. And took him for a ride and on the ride he was making it clear to Rick that he is not in control anymore Negan is. To help show that Negan took Rick’s hatchet claimed it as his and threw it on top of the R.V. and told Rick to go get it while they were surrounded by walkers. Fighting for his life he finally gets on top of the R.V.

After getting on the R.V., Rick starts thinking back to when someone was killed and finally it is shown who was killed. The flashback shows a replay and reveals that Abraham is the one chosen to be beaten. However after he is beaten to death, Daryl jumps up and punches Negan in the face and is then tackled by Negan’s men. Negan is obviously upset and tells them before anyone else steps out of line, another will die. He turns and beats Glenn to death as well.

The flashback ends we are taken back to Rick on the R.V. and he gets the hatchet before Negan opens the door, shoots the walkers, and lets Rick back inside.

Negan and Rick then head back to the group and Negan tells Rick that the point of the trip was to change the way Rick looked at Negan, however, he was unsuccessful.  Negan gets Carl and tells Rick to chop off his hand. Rick begs not to do it but Negan tells him that Rick must make a choice. Fans watched in awe as Rick brought the hatchet up ready to chop, and Negan stops him because he got wanted from Rick. Negan prepares to leave and tells the group he will be back in a week for whatever they can collect and give him. The group then takes Glenn and Abraham to be buried.

Overall, the season premiere did not disappoint. Fans can’t wait to see what twists and turns the show will take this fall.  Tune in next week on AMC to see what will happen next.