FX’s “Atlanta” Bridges Gap Between Hip-Hop and Comedy


Seth Bos, Staff Writer

Donald Glover, famous for writing and acting in “30 Rock” along with the release of 3 albums under his stage name “Childish Gambino” returns to the TV screen with his new comedy series “Atlanta” that premiered a double episode on Sept, 6th.

Glover said he created “Atlanta” to “show white people, [they] don’t know everything about black culture.” The show is a complete mash-up of Glover’s resume. The comedy seems stemmed from Glover’s time on NBC’s “Community” while the hip-hop vibes take influence from his own music under the pseudonym of “Childish Gambino.”

The plot takes place in Atlanta, Georgia where Earnest “Earn” Marks, played by Glover, sets the example of being young and broke. A Princeton drop-out, unable to keep a job but having to feed a daughter, Earn sees the opportunity to manage his drug-dealer cousin Alfred who’s on the come up under his rap alias “Paper Boi”.

Though Atlanta is not just about music, it’s about the hustling one has to go through to make his dreams reality, and the struggles encountered by the protagonist feel authentic to the audience. The dialogue between characters creates an original voice that seems genuine and keeps viewers engaged and wanting more.

Overall Atlanta, had a fantastic pilot episode. Actually reaching over 3 million views. Adding to that the channel it airs on, FX said that Atlanta “is the biggest cable comedy debut since 2013,” new fans are hopeful the show will live up to its initial buzz.