Goody Goody Burgers- Past, Present and Future

Goody Goody Burgers- Past, Present and Future

Sabrina Maxey, Staff Writer

Longtime Tampa residents are excited about the news that the iconic restaurant Goody Goody is coming back. What’s all the hype about? Goody Goody was a burger joint started in 1925 but had closed it’s in 2005.

It started out as a carhop service, people would drive up and park under a large carport and turn on their lights to signal they needed service. It was much like a Sonic without waitresses on skates or electronic intercoms to order. Goody Goody was known for their butterscotch pie and hamburger “POX”- which is pickles, onions, and their acclaimed secret sauce.

Goody Goody served burgers at 4 different locations through the years, the longest standing one was on N. Florida Ave. were it operated from 1930 till 2005. This restaurant revival was great news to many; it’s a huge part of local Tampa history

Richard Gonzmart, fourth generation co-owner and president of Columbia Resturant Group, announced that the CRG bought the rights to Goody Goody from Michael Wheeler who had owned it since 1984. Along with the rights, Gonzmart got recipes some original furniture and the Goody Goody sign.  They made the announcement of the revival in 2014. Finally, on August 25 the doors were reopened.


It turns out that my great-grandmother was a waitress at Goody Goody from 1945-1946, that’s were she meet my great-grandfather. He delivered fresh orange juice every morning. So as many were excited for the burgers and pie, my family was excited to see a piece of our family history come back to life.

Goody Goody is located on 1601 W. Swann Ave and is open 7AM – 10PM Sunday – Thursday and 7AM – 11PM Fridays and Saturdays. Customers are suggested to download the Nowait app ( to place their name on the list before they get to the restaurant.