Frank Ocean Reappears with “Blonde”


Seth Bos, Staff Writer

After 4 years that felt like 40, singer and former Odd Future affiliate Frank Ocean follows up his 2012 release “Channel Orange” with his new 18 track sophomore album titled “Blonde”. The real question is, was the 3 years along with a year postponement worth the wait?

The answer is yes, it’s the type of album the needs to be listened to multiple times before the listeners realize how great it is.

The New Orleans singer songwriter more than pleases a wait that felt a lot longer than it really was. Though the feelings this music gives bring up the question. Is there really many R&B artists that kids and young adults listen to these days? Well, Apple Music categorized “Blonde” as pop for multiple influence that can be traced back to his New Orleans roots of blues and soul.

Though it seems like a solo album with 1 feature it really underlies many top artists. For instance, on the blissful song “Pink + White” Beyoncé’s voice drifts in and out through the song. Another very lowkey feature on this album is Kendrick Lamar on “Skyline To”. The most noticeable feature on this album was Outkast member André 3000 putting down the usual slick verses.

Overall, Ocean comes back into the spotlight with a beautiful project. His vacancy was unbearable, but as a fan, the release of “Blonde” was something we needed.