DC’s Suicide Squad Leaves Audience Disappointed

Image Via GB Posters

Image Via GB Posters

Shawn Attika, Staff Writer

For a movie that has more views than Batman V Superman on its trailer, Suicide Squad definitely did not show up. DC Extended Universe (DCEU) decided to make the movie more comedy based than it was intended to be by the audience. The movie’s plot consists of Amanda Waller, a top government agent who claims that using villains they had caught to stop an oncoming threat would be a plausible idea.

They team is named Task Force X and consists of Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, El Diablo and Slipknot. They are assigned a top secret mission to stop Enchantress, who has been wreaking havoc by reviving her brother Incubus. It is up to the group of villains to decide whether they try to escape and risk being killed or fight Enchantress and get time off their prison sentence and gain the rewards they were promised.

The movie wasn’t so much as generally one genre and tried too much to have a sense of two. Deadshot was shown to care more about his daughter’s future than himself while having too many other things going on which made it unclear of his motive. The characters are introduced with flashbacks and how they were caught and what made them evil but the audience isn’t given a sense of motivation behind their crimes.

The introduction of the film was on point, but the thought process of pulling these criminals together was more like meeting a stranger and automatically deciding to be best friends with them. One prominent example of these plot holes focuses on Enchantress and Incubus. Once he is revived, Incubus begins to destroy the city with his sister in an attempt to end the human race. After that, there is no real end goal for these sinister siblings. This doesn’t follow the typical trope of a comic villain who sticks to their goal throughout a storyline.

Overall, while many fans were anticipating this summer blockbuster to bring some of their favorite DC classics to life, many were left feeling underwhelmed and rushed through the process of getting to know these well-known characters.