New Hank Williams Biopic Lacks Depth

Hannah Reasor, Entertainment Editor

I Saw The Light does not lack terrific performances from its leading actors and actresses, but it lacks pretty much everything else.

I Saw The Light tells the story of Hank Williams (Tom Hiddleston), a country music star who died young in the early 50s after making a name for himself in the music business in the 40s.

While the film is able to show the story and let you know the facts, it fails to let you dig deep into the characters. This leads to the audience not being able to really feel for the people at all despite the excellent performances.

Hiddleston was able to capture the essence of Williams, almost with ease. There were points where you almost completely forgot of Hiddleston’s nationality (England). Hiddleston even performed every Williams song that was put in the film. There were points where he could smile charmingly and then break down in the next scene. He put his all into a film that did not back him up in quality.

The director/writer of the film tended to focus more on Williams alcoholism and drug use, rather than focus on the way he shaped his music and portrayed his music to the world. This led to a more dramatic version of a story that should have been portrayed as much greater than addiction.

A light came from Elizabeth Olsen’s performance as Williams first wife, Audrey, who was a firework in Williams’ life. Olsen delivers a comparable force to Hiddleston, matching him in strength and execution in her acting. She dances with Hiddleston’s acting and is able to bounce off him.

I Saw The Light begs to be liked but doesn’t offer much to like, besides the actors’ performances. The film had a chance and the materials to be brilliant but there was no execution of such brilliance.