10 Cloverfield Lane Gets 10/10

Hannah Reasor, Entertainment Editor

Horror comes in all different ways, but some horrors are closer to us than others.

10 Cloverfield Lane can easily be assumed as a sequel to Dan Trachtenberg’s first film, Cloverfield. Cloverfield, however, was classic horror about an alien invasion on New York City and the lives of a group of friends being tested.

10 Cloverfield Lane exemplifies a far worse horror that comes only from a race we know so well: human beings. The movie focuses on a group of three people, hidden away in an underground bunker whilst the world above is supposedly poisoned with deadly air.

The girl in the center of this world is Michelle (Mary E. Winstead), who is taken to the bunker without any knowledge of why. Howard (John Goodman) is the man who created the bunker, with help from Emmett (John Gallagher Jr.) who is the only other bunker-mate.

The movie opens questions as to Howard’s intentions and whether Michelle believes that the world has truly come to an end or not. 10 Cloverfield Lane makes you wonder if the movie really is a sequel or not, but 10 Cloverfield Lane tackles human error and mindsets.

Goodman’s performance is shocking. Audiences are used to his more light-hearted comical side, but Goodman portrays a man much more intense than anything anyone has seen before.

10 Cloverfield Lane was originally a stand-alone movie known as The Cellar but was given a Cloverfield-twist that only adds to the story rather than ruining it. The mystery of marketing on the film helps create the illusion of what the film is truly trying to tell audiences.

10 Cloverfield Lane leaves audiences shocked and questioning. There is no way to know exactly what you’re heading into, but you won’t regret it when you’re there.

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