The Life Of Pablo Can Now Be Viewed

Nick DelRio, Opinions Editor

G.O.O.D Music founder, Kanye Omari West, has returned with a new collection for his discography, The Life Of Pablo.

It has been two years since Kanye has put a full length LP since his 2013 album Yeezus. Kanye brings a new type of sound to the table that differs from his usual hard Chicago style rap. “It’s a gospel album with a whole lot of cursing,” quoted Kanye during an interview on a radio show with host Big Boy.

Kanye’s gospel album starts with a sample of a famous vine of a 4 year old who praises Jesus, then transitions to Kanye singing soulfully, which ends with a very nice Chance the Rapper verse that does not disappoint.

The album then splashes to a double Metro Boomin produced two part track, Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 & 2. Here we find emotional Kanye speaking out on his father and how he feels towards him.

Over the years Kanye has had numerous conflicts with pop singer Taylor Swift. He addresses some of these conflicts in the 4th track Famous. This song features pop singer Rihanna, who just released her 8th studio album. She delivers a soulful chorus throughout the Kanye verses.

Progressing through Kanye’s album we find a series of songs that are “ignorant.” These are songs that should be played riding around Dale Mabry with the windows down with friends. The second song of the small group of tracks Highlight (feat Young Thug). The song would be really nice if it hadn’t had so much auto tune to the point where you can’t make out if you’re listening to Young Thug or Kanye. But there is a GoPro line worth listening to that’ll make you chuckle.

Half way through the album we find an incline in tracks that seem better than the first nine songs. We start with FML (feat The Weeknd) which is a pretty sad track on Kanye’s part, as he discusses the hardships of staying faithful to his wife and how people doubt their love.

Immediately after this track, we hear the prolonging 30 hours track. This track we find Kanye reminiscing on his life and early career. He delivers great punch lines that end with an un-needed 2 minute instrumental break where we find Kanye rambling and a miniscule (Ander 3000 feat). Poor use of a three stacks feature.

Then we have two unnecessary tracks called Low Lights and I love Kanye. Wouldn’t have minded if these tracks were not put on the final version of the album, due to how poor of songs they are, despite how funny the song about Kanye is.

Moving on from that decline of the album we have a great positive song from Kanye called Waves (feat. Chris Brown). This song was fought to be put on the album and it’s good because this is something to groove to. After picking up from that we have Real friends which was the first single released from the album (featuring Ty Dolla) Sign which is a great song to listen to while in high school discovering your real friends.

Other tracks like Wolves feat Caroline Shaw and Frank Ocean and No More Parties in L.A (featuring Kendrick Lamar). Finishing off the album ends with a cheesy 90’s house party production from Kanye on the song (Fade featuring Post Malone & Ty Dolla Sign). Vocal delivery is terrible and it’s not anything too special on either features part.

All together this album has some Highlights and some Lowlights. Eighth LP from Kanye that was acclaimed to be “Greatest Album of All Time” tweeted by Kanye himself, really doesn’t live up to the hype of it. This was a solid 6/10 on Kanye’s part.

Production is terrific throughout the project with tunes from grossing producer Metro Boomin, Legendary producer Rick Rubin, some other productions from small people and of course Kanye. Lyrically, this was mediocre for Kanye’s level. His lyric level should surpass past projects such as Late Registration and the infamous My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

This album is not for purchase on iTunes. It is available for streaming off of TIDAL music and will not be for sale states Kanye. Physical copies are questionable.