Hoodie Allen Back With New Album, Tour

Nick DelRio, Opinions Editor

Steven Adam Markowitz, better known by his stage name “Hoodie Allen”, is back with a new 10 track album entitled Happy Camper.

Hoodie Allen’s first appearance into the rap scene was when he released his debut mixtape Pep Rally back in Sept. of 2010. Then he released his follow up Project titled Leap Year in early 2011. However the struggle for recognition was growing on Allen, so he gathered enough money to release his first EP, All American. With the rollout of the first single and music video No Interruption off of the EP he splashed into the scene like he finally found his spot. This success built up to later projects that would release such as Crew Cuts and release of his second album People Keep Talking, which released in May of 2014. After the release of the second album, Allen stayed quiet, only releasing snippets of him in the studio with one of his main producers RJF. Making Happy Camper an easily appealing album.

 Unlike the releases of his other projects, he decided to make this album more for the people. He rolled it out as an album on iTunes that would only cost around $5. If the low price didn’t appeal to the audience, he releases the mixtape for free and downloadable on websites that are dedicated to hip-hop artists. Reasoning behind this was so fans who would like to support the album could but if they couldn’t afford it, then they still had a way of showing support as well as hearing the album.

He introduced the Happy Camper project with the release of the lead single off of the project titled “Champagne and Pools (feat. Blackbear and SuperDuperKyle)” back in late November. The track starts with the soft vocals of Blackbear with the title name being sung. Then was followed by Allen’s witty line ending on the note of Kyle’s lisp filled verse which added character to the track. Allen felt like that satisfied fans for only a short period of time before he released the second single named “Are U Having Any Fun? (feat. Meghan Tonjes)” which starts off with a 90’s type instrumental filled with a chorus of Tonjes’s voice in the background as Allen raps with metaphors and a precise flow. Lines such as “call me cavity because everybody feeling (filling me)” making the track enjoyable for listening.

  Other songs on the album kind of give this a project a “summer” feeling. The intro implies a funk-influenced sound as Allen raps about common problems non-famous people have such as, the constant fear of “will I make it” towards their profession.  

Track four on the album to the song titled “So Close To Happiness”. Allen, again appears to be discussing the fear that can come with the future of not being able to make it or the unexpected. The track ends with a gospel influenced clapping that contains a bit too much auto-tune.

 The last song of this record would be the track titled “King to Me”. Where listeners find a very personal side of Allen as he raps over a haunting yet uplifting piano sound. He discusses the gratefulness that he has towards his family, and gives insight of how it was like as when he was young. Allen also sings with his natural voice which is way easier for listening rather than the auto-tune route he takes on an earlier track.

  This record has a lot of mixture of tones that Allen tries to convey which goes good for some tracks more so than others. Tracks worth listening: “Champagne Pools”, “Surprise Party”, “King to Me”, and “Are U Having Any Fun”.