Ray Goren Makes a Name for Himself


Courtesy of raygoren.com

Winnter Tate, Staff Writer

New, up and coming artist Ray Goren has just released a new EP called “Songs For You.” 

In total, Goren has three or four EP’s released from different recording companies in the attempt to help him along the way to becoming a new star.

A remarkable song by Goren was “Light My Fire.” It developed a slight swing with a nice drum beat that anyone could groove to. The song picked and progressively adding instrumental value which was very enjoyable to listen to.

Goren started playing music and writing songs at just the age of seven years old. Now, at the age of fifteen, he is a musical prodigy writing his songs and creating new EP’s as he starts becoming the next big thing and gaining more and more fans.

“It’s On You” was yet another great song written by Ray Goren very slow and blues-y with a beautiful keyboard accompaniment.  As the song developed a saxophone was added along with a trumpet to amplify color to this blues tune.

It seems like Goren sings songs that actually have meaning to him, helping him become a better singer and more enjoyable to listen to. Goren obviously chose a style that relates and describes him as a person. By listening to him, Goren’s music and style shows that he makes music not to be popular, but, because he truly loves to create beautiful sounds using his guitar, piano, and voice.

One of his most expressive songs was “Down and Out.” It was a slower song that had a lot of chords and drum beats in the background that brought this beautiful and emotional piece together.

Some people might like Goren’s music because it is really relatable and emotional. His EP was very well put together with songs that were quite enjoyable to listen to. This style of music may be very particular to a person’s taste, but, anyone with the love of anything music will love Ray Goren, his voice, and his musical abilities.