‘Steve Jobs’ brings Intensity, Oscar Buzz

Courtesy of Legendary Pictures

Courtesy of Legendary Pictures

Hannah Reasor, Entertainment Editor

‘Steve Jobs’ may have flopped at the box office in numbers, but it certainly didn’t flop in film.

Danny Boyle’s latest film provides snapshots of Steve Jobs life just before three major software/hardware launches, or the defining points in Jobs’ career. You watch as he progresses throughout the 15 years shown.

The film possesses a slightly disjointed story, but that doesn’t stop the film from being highly intense and powerful. Jobs’ flashbacks may have confused some viewers but it definitely broke up any sort of monotony that may have ensued without them.

Michael Fassbender’s performance as Jobs’ was nothing less than amazing. He embodied Jobs’ vision over everything else look on life with his magnetic presence that allowed him to steal the show almost the entire film.

Kate Winslet portrayed an immensely strong Joanna Hoffman who could peel your eyes away from Fassbender at a moment’s notice when she had to stand up to all that was Jobs’ arrogance. Fassbender and Winslet controlled a unique chemistry of co-dependence that Jobs grew to realize he needed and Hoffman grew to realize she didn’t.

Fassbender held tense chemistry as Jobs with Seth Rogen’s character, Steve Wozniak (his first “partner”), and Jeff Daniels’ character John Sculley.

The movie itself was a tour-de-force that demands to be challenged against. With Oscar buzz whirring around, it would be a surprise if ‘Steve Jobs’ was not a part of the talk, especially Fassbender.

Boyle has won many Oscars before for his film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and he may be able to pull in another with ‘Steve Jobs.’

Hopefully in January people will see this movie on their at-home Golden Globes ballots; and hopefully it wins at least ONE award.