Fall TV is Coming Back with a Bang

Hannah Reasor, Entertainment Editor

New shows such as Fear the Walking Dead (premiering on AMC) and Scream Queens (premiering on FX) help embody the spirit of the October month.

Fear the Walking Dead involves a dysfunctional family during the beginning of a zombie apocalypse.

Scream Queens is a show created by the creator of American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy. It is centered on the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority at Wallace University who has a 20-year-old mystery surface once again with the return of the Red Devil.

Grandfathered premieres on ABC with John Stamos and Josh Peck starring side by side as father and son. John Stamos plays a bachelor who finds out Josh Peck is his son who has a daughter.

Many fan favorites are returning this fall. The Flash returns Oct. 6th to the CW with its second season, after being continued halfway through last season. Last season left off with the Flash speeding into a black hole and the audience wondering what happened in the black hole. This season picks up 6 months later on how Barry and the team are dealing with where the show left off.

American Horror Story is returning with their new season set in a hotel on Oct. 7th. Last season was a wild ride of carnival junkies and crazy clowns that killed people. This season offers even more insane characters as well as the already-creepy setting of a hotel. Kathy Bates and Evan Peters will be rejoining the cast and Lady Gaga will be premiering for her first time on the show this season. Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story, has already ordered for a sixth season to be made.

The Walking Dead is also returning with their sixth season on Oct.11th. It will consist of 16 episodes that will follow the continuous journey of the band of zombie survivors. The walkers will return to try to eat the group of zombie hunters. The creator of the show hopes that it will last for many more years after season six.

Fall TV is providing many new options for people to watch. There’s a show for everyone- and they start this fall.