Ed Sheeran Visits Tampa After Three Years


Hannah Reasor

Hannah Reasor, Entertainment Editor

With a calming vigor and an enthusiastic crowd, Ed Sheeran brought his all to the stage on Sept. 10th at the Amalie Arena.

The first act of the night was a new singer/songwriter from Britain, Jamie Lawson, who was recently signed to Sheeran’s new record label, Gingerbread Man Records.

Despite the masses of people still entering the arena during Lawson’s act, and the large amount of talking, Lawson continued to express his gratitude to the audience and the other acts of the night. He played a few of his songs off his upcoming album including his single, “Wasn’t Expecting That.”

The next act on the bill was Christina Perri, who has recently just finished up with a tour with Colbie Caillat. With lots of passion, Perri performed many songs from her two studio albums, including her newest, Head or Heart. Perri expressed her down-to-earth attitude and caring nature by interacting and thanking the crowd and other acts of the night in between songs, as well as casually sitting down for part of one.

Of course though, the headlining act of the night was Sheeran, who bared all emotions of his gripping music on stage. His passionate vocals drove the night to bliss.

Sheeran explained at the beginning of the concert how his looping system works. He loops guitar parts and vocals to create the sense of a drummer or a chorus behind him. Every piece of music the audience heard was Sheeran playing and singing.

Sheeran played a two hour long set full of newer songs from his latest album and songs from his previous album. On top of those, he also played a cover mashup of “Superstition” and “Ain’t No Sunshine.” At points in the set Sheeran would drop the guitar and rap some of his faster-paced songs.

At one point, Perri joined Sheeran on stage to perform their duet “Be My Forever.” They created a cute, light-hearted break during Sheeran’s performance that was filled with lots of depth rather than fluff.

One of the greatest parts of the night was when Sheeran played his last song before the encore, his first U.S single “The A-Team.” Almost the entire audience pulled their phone lights out and waved the lights back and forth, creating an ambience of being in space among stars.

Sheeran brought not only his words and music to Tampa this past Thursday, but also his wisdom amongst the emotions in the art he produces. He talked between songs but he never needed to explain what the songs meant or told people how to feel during them. He let the music talk, just like a musician should.

Sheeran brought his all that night and it would be a night no one in that audience could ever forget.