Urie brings back Sinatra in new Panic! single

Hannah Reasor, Entertainment Editor

Legends of pop-rock for the past decade, Panic! At the Disco, have done it once again with their new single, “Death of a Bachelor.”

The new song was premiered on Sept. 1st on Pete Wentz’s show on Beats1 Radio, available on Apple Music. Wentz premiered the song as a “World Record,” or a new song from an artist.

Wentz talked to lead singer, Brendon Urie, in an interview on the show before playing the new song. He asked Urie about the sound of the song and what it is meant to convey to the listeners.

“It’s like some Beyonce beats with some Sinatra vocals. It’s really crazy, I love it,” said Urie, describing in odd terms what the unique sound of the new track was.

The song does convey this though with Urie’s rich vocals and wide range, his voice brings Sinatra back from the olden days, while the beats add a nice, deep impact on the listener. The bridge highlights the beats while the chorus and verses highlight Urie’s crooner vocals.

“Death of a Bachelor” also portrays a wide range of jazz instruments such as trumpet and saxophone. This helps create the Sinatra vibe with the cabaret style jazz music and the melodies. Earlier in the year when Panic! At the Disco released their first single “Hallelujah,” Urie commented in multiple recent interviews that the new album would have a sound that’s “a mix between Sinatra and Queen.”

Urie was very excited to explain that the meaning behind the song had a lot to do with how his wife, Sarah, changed him as a person into the man he is today and how she continues to shape him more and more. He explains the general meaning of the song to Wentz in the radio interview.

“It’s pretty much about, how comfortable and how rare it is to find someone that kind of completes you. You find this person that you connect with and you can throw away your history. You don’t want to just forget about it but you cannot even look back; you don’t regret anything in the past and you don’t have any want to go back to a life of being a bachelor,” said Urie, describing what the song meant to him and what it can hopefully mean to others.

Urie is excited to release the new album to the fans which he hopes will be available for purchase towards the end of October. He says that it’s ready besides some of the last minute mixing.

Urie is eager to perform the new album at shows and let all of the fans see what the band has been working on for years. One of Urie’s favorite things to do is play shows to people who haven’t heard of Panic! At the Disco before.

“This [song] is my favorite one off the new album,” Urie said.

It could be the fans’ favorite too… but there’s a whole new album to look forward to.