New Panic! At the Disco song, inspires fans after recent news

Hannah Reasor, Staff Writer

A new song from Panic! At the Disco has brought hope and excitement to the fans after finding out the news that drummer Spencer Smith has decided to leave the band. After a somber letter written with all the heart and modesty he could portray, Panic! At the Disco has released “Hallelujah.”

“Hallelujah” is a song about forgiveness and admitting your rights and wrongs. It’s an ode to the fans, to know that “Being blue is better than being over it” as the song states.

In a recent interview with KROQ, lead singer Brendon Urie said the song was about, “When you have to own up to your mistakes, praise that. When you have to take responsibility for your actions, everything else can fall into place with that same attitude.”

The song rings gospel with the entire choir behind the music, although there is no choir. The choir is just Urie and his friend Morgan layering their voices over and over, adding harmonies on top of harmonies.

The song is driven, melodic and rhythmic, showcasing Urie’s vocal talent as he explores his enormous range throughout the three minutes the song lasts.

Urie stated in an interview with “Radio From Hell” that he wanted to explore more live sounds with this song and that this album would be more of a “Freddie Mercury meets Sinatra.” This is evident with Urie’s raw voice and style as he does vocal runs in the bridge of the song.

The new song is from an album that is, according to Urie, “85 percent done” which should be out later this year.

After Smith’s leave from the band, the new song and album could be a fresh start for the band. Urie looks forward to what the future has in store for the band and could never think of not being in the band.

“But to me I love it so much. I love this band. I love everything about it — touring, songwriting. So for me it’s never been a question of stopping or letting go of it all because I love it too much,” Urie said.

The excitement is within all of us.