American Horror Story gets “freaky” [spoiler alert]

Hannah Reasor, Staff Writer

It’s October, which means it’s almost time for the biggest fear-fest show on television: American Horror Story.

In the past season, American Horror Story: Coven, viewers found themselves in the heart of Louisiana Voodoo Country where viewers followed the characters through bat-crazy witches, boarding schools for children who are witches, and even more witches.

But what made this past season so interesting was that each witch had a different power in which they could harm people with. Zoe, played by Taissa Farmiga, had the power to cause certain death to people. Her friend Madison, played by Emma Roberts, could move things with her mind, thus using that to cause harm.

As always, the show starts off with things being fine and wonderful, but with the right suspicions, things start to fall apart. This past season had the right balance between flashbacks and present to keep one intrigued enough to still watch every Wednesday, and it sure didn’t lack great acting.

This past season, however, was still missing the right plot push to keep things in line. The show is meant to be off-kilter but there seemed to be a lack of flair in the story of Coven. Viewers are anticipating that flair will come back in Freak Show.

People responded immediately to American Horror Story: Murder House (season one) with a huge interest and fan base. The concept of the show was so new and intriguing that people latched onto the characters and followed them through. Viewers couldn’t stop watching with all the weird events happening to the family of Violet, played by Farmiga, and her new friend, Tate, played by Evan Peters. A forbidden love for each other only fueled the fire.

That interest was only at its peak when American Horror Story: Asylum was released a year later. The season centered on a mental institution in the 1960s in which religion was predominant in the cure of mental illness. With a whole new set and new characters played by the same people from season one, viewers began to form a new set of ideas and thoughts for this season, as well.

What was really great to see come back in the third season for viewers that hadn’t been there in the second season was the Romeo and Juliet type love story. In the first season, Murder House, there was Violet and Tate, while in Coven, there is Zoe and Kyle, played by Peters.

“After watching the last three seasons on Netflix over the summer, I’m so excited for the upcoming one. I really have no idea what to expect, but I hope it’s a lot more scary and suspenseful,” said Senior Laura Jaramillo.

This next season will be set in Jupiter, Florida in 1952. The season will focus on one of the only remaining freak shows left at that time and how each of the members fight to preserve their livelihoods against the evil forces around them.
This upcoming season will fittingly be called “Freak Show”.

Almost all of the actors from the previous season will be returning for the fourth season. The biggest loss this upcoming season will be that of Farmiga. Considering she was one of the biggest characters for both the first and third season.

According to FX, there is already a trailer for Freak Show online for fans to view before the season starts on Wednesday October 8th.