McCreery releases first album

Gloria Rodriguez, Graphics Team

Scotty McCreery, a country boy from North Carolina, with a raspy, charming voice is becoming the new all-American boy.

His debut album, Clear as Day, released Oct. 4 is what’s new and hot in country music. Getting his start in American Idol’s tenth season, Scotty McCreery won the hearts of millions.

Leading him to not only compete in the world’s most-watched Fox television show, but to win it.  He delivers a unique twist to country with his mature voice.

For an 18-year-old, he supersedes his age, sounding more like the country men admired as they reach adult maturity, then the teens in country that are a scarce few in the industry. He leaves his audience astounded by the voice that comes out of such a young innocent boy. His first single, “I love you this big,” is a perfect depiction of love.

It is a perfect twist to regular, sappy but meaningful love songs. It makes people smile and sing along.

“Out of Summer time” is a song every teen can relate to. It tells a story about how you fall in love during the summer with hormones flaring, sun-bathed hair, warm beach-living, and constant adventures.

The summer is over and the time you spent living carefree ends and reality sinks in and love ends sweet and as a memory. 

This is an all-American country CD.  Staying true to his roots McCreery, makes it hard to turn off the radio, or push next on any of his songs.

They all have melodic and up-beat tempos. While some may be a more serious tone, being depressed is out of the question.

Needless to say his lyrics for “Back on the ground” fit perfectly with his album description. People will be humming his tunes getting caught up on him.

This boy truly knows how to bring a young and uplifting beat to country. Diehard fans have already started to buy his album.