Paranormal Activity 3 surpasses expectations

Camila Acosta, Entertainment Editor

My expectations for Paranormal Activity 3 were completely shattered as soon as the ending credits rolled in; this time, Paranormal Activity’s third film strayed to a more distinct path. 

A widowed woman with two daughters and the widows’ boyfriend reside in a regular home set in September of 1988. The boyfriend is a videographer for weddings and special events but when he experiences rare occurrences around the house he sets up cameras in the main rooms of the house to find out what’s going on. He discovers sick oddities concerning directly with his girlfriend’s daughters.

Any paranormal film never leaves its hand-held camera format, although in this version of the spectral phenomenon there was more stability to the camera, and in addition the camera angles seemed specifically placed for an “unexpected” apparition. 

During most of the film, there is a half-and-half mix of comedy and dreary suspense.
When most of daylight, jokes were thrown around as if no one was going to be murdered and possessed as we all know will happen, the audience seemed to forget that they were watching a horror film.
When the day faded to the night the mood completely flipped over.

Despite the lack of action, it seemed like the silent suspense glued one to the seat and evoked the urge of running away at the same time. Every slight motion and distinct sound felt like The One. At certain times, that was not so much a contributing factor since sitting for two minutes straight staring at people sleep in the dark is not very exciting. To my surprise quite a few of the major scares happened during daylight. This factor gave the film a more realistic feeling rather than the usual they-only-come-out-at-night excuse.

As with any supernatural movie, perturbing graphics come with the package but paranormal activity 3 was subtle with imagery but very vivid with sound effects. Every floor creak and breath was felt like it was my own.

Overall, Paranormal Activity 3 was extremely suspenseful, and met my cliché horror-movie expectation only halfway. 
It is a definite watch for Halloween season and avid horror movie fanatics.