Bright Eyes pour their soul into their music

Rachelle Mourra, Graphics Editor

Bright Eyes has been springing out phenomenal CDs left and right, all of which have featured songs that either had a meaning or subject the band felt passionate about or for the fun of making music.

Recently, on Feb. 15th, 2011, they released The People’s Key. The album starts off with a powerful seven minute song, “Firewall,” where the track begins with a man, with a soothing and inviting deep voice, speaking of the Sumerian tablets, which, according to the Bible, were man-like creatures with snake eyes, tails, and scales. The song rambles on describing different meanings to love, people, “flat flipping out” and negative forces fighting ultimate positive forces.

This album isn’t similar to their most recognized album, I’m Wide Awake and It’s Morning, released on January 25th, 2005. The album featured a track list of slow, calming songs including the well-known hits “First Day of My Life” and “Land Locked Blues.”

The People’s Key features songs with a grungier feel. One can say they give the image of sitting still while watching the world spin incredibly out of control in front of one’s eyes, yet one is able to keep up with every brisk second of it.

The album includes songs that’ll keep you listening, fact that each song tells a different story that will change the way you see things and twist your idea of what you thought you knew about song writing , simple fact that Bright Eyes’s songs are indeed one of a kind.

The songs differ as well. “Approximate Sunlight”, is a slow psychedelic song that you could easily listen to in the dark while gazing up at your ceiling.

Song writer and lead vocalist, Conor Oberst, explains the heartache of simply following someone around. He tries to stop though, try to stop caring about what she does, what she wears, or what she herself cares about; but in the end all he can help but do is follow her around. He wouldn’t “want to waste another thought on what is fair and what is not”, as well. It’s not a materialistic world.

Bright Eyes has had plenty of albums released to pull in listeners. They’ve been releasing albums since the nineties and have dished out a total of twelve albums since and don’t expect anything less then sensational music from these guys.

They’re residing in Omaha, NE at the moment and fans are anxious for the next CD. The spunky folk band includes members Conor Oberst, Mike Mogis, and Nate Walcott.

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