Foster the People release first album

Joaquin Vidal-Collazo, Graphics Team

Foster the People’s hit single “Pumped up Kicks” raided the nation by recently releasing an album that ranked them among the top alternative rock bands today.

On Sept. 14, 2010, Foster the People released their first ever single: “Pumped up Kicks”.  The single immediately ranked on the top of the billboards with its moving melodies and catchy chorus. A few months after, their first CD Torches was released.

 According to, Torches was released on May 23, 2011. It had a top ranking of 8 in the United States and was number one in U.S. rock albums.

Their CD includes various hits such as the previously mentioned “Pumped up Kicks” and “Don’t Stop.” These two have been played thousands of times in radio stations around the world. They have also been featured in American TV commercials such as the Nissan Versa sedan.

Torches has ten songs all of which are packed with infectious lyrics and rhythmic tunes.  Other major songs on the CD are “Helena beat” and “Houdini”.

Foster the People’s gripping records and mellow vibes attract listeners of every generation from across the nation to tune in to their music. Mark Foster, lead singer of the band, said to Billboards that they see many “cool” kids, hipsters, as well as moms at their concerts.

Foster the People’s Torches is a captivating album with its 1960s style vibe that will appeal to all music enthusiasts. Foster says that his band is for anyone who enjoys music. Not just for the younger generation of music fanatics.

Mark Foster’s band will be in the Tampa Bay area on for the annual 97X Next Big Thing concert. It will be hosted at the 1-800-Ask-Gary amphitheatre on Dec. 3, 2011.

The band’s debut CD and their musical talents put them among the hottest of today’s music.