The Pony Express

Heat stroke poses threat to student athletes

Joaquin Vidal, Graphics Team

September 22, 2011

Heat strokes threaten to attack at any moment when exercising outdoors in the heat. Lack of hydration can also contribute to this. Athletes are at most risk of getting a heatstroke. According to Mayo Clinic, heat strokes...

Gaither comes up short against arch-rivals

Cameron Valdez, Staff Writer

September 2, 2011

Gaither hosted Sickles in the annual kickoff classic game on Friday Aug. 16. Sickles started the game off with the ball. They quickly drove down the field to the 30 yard line where Gaither forced a fourth and long. Gaither...

Coach Permuy Honored with Second Induction

Sarah McMahon, Staff Writer

June 26, 2010

Veteran baseball coach Frank Permuy is receiving his second Hall of Fame induction. This year, he will be inducted as the first Hillsborough County baseball coach into the Florida High School Athletic Hall of Fame. In 2009,...

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