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Athletic rivalries create passion, intensity

Michael Alpuin, Graphics Editor

October 7, 2014

With Fall sports in full swing, rivalries between our schools are more obvious than ever. Although every sport has its differences, the rivalries within them follow a common trend. For many students around our school, rivalries...

Yoder runs towards the Olympics

Leah Guertin, Staff Writer

November 2, 2013

For Senior Rachel Yoder, being an Olympian might just be in her future down the road. This summer, Yoder’s 4x4 relay team, the Matrix Track Club qualified for the Junior Olympics with a time of four minutes and three seconds. The...

New swim coach makes waves

New swim coach makes waves

September 18, 2012

Girls Golf Needs a Hole of One

Camila Acosta, Entertainment Editor

September 18, 2012

Last season, the golf team had six girls and two girls compete as individuals at the regionals. The team usually practiced at 3:30 at the Northdale golf course and they still do today except for the fact that there is barely a...

Playing multiple sports give athletes an edge

Kevin Sardja, Online Editor-in-Chief

April 23, 2012

LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and even Jimmy Hines all have something fantastic in common. They all play multiple sports, and were good at it. Jordan, questionably one the greatest basketball players of our era played baseball...

Coaches limit the risk of injury during playoff season

Kevin Sardja, Graphics Editor

November 10, 2011

All it takes is one broken bone, one tear in your ACL, one pulled muscle and poof, you’re done, out for the game, out for the season, possibly out of your scholarship, and now that the varsity cowboys have made it to the state...

Girls softball enter fall season

Alex Rodriguez, Sports Editor

October 27, 2011

The Girl’s softball team is well into their fall season of the Miss Tampa League.  Miss Tampa is the equivalent to the boy’s baseball “Fall Ball”.  It is a competitive way for the new-coming high school softball players...

Bucs blackouts anger fans

Anthony Prierto, Assistant Sports Editor

October 20, 2011

The Tampa Bay Bucanneers are are 4-2 this season, but it is only the people that are going to see the games live at Raymond James that are seeing them playing home games.   The Bucs home games have been blacked out since last...

NBA lockout continues

Anthony Prierto, Assistant Sports Editor

October 20, 2011

2011 has really been the year of the lockouts in sports.  First the NFL and now the NBA is in the midst of a standoff in the negotiation rooms. With no collective barganing agreement in sight, the players, owners and fans...

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