The Pony Express

Band exhibits patriotism, pride in show

Lillia Zinszer, Editor-in-Chief

November 7, 2013

With their long hours of practice and vigorous exercise, marching band is an under appreciated extracurricular activity. If they aren’t working on the marching season, they are participating in competitions. If they aren’t...

Student survives cancer scare

Kayla Mutunhu, Staff Writer

November 7, 2013

Cancer may be a sensitive topic to a large percentage of people, but cancer survivor Brianna Maxey took a positive outlook on the situation. Sophomore Brianna Maxey was diagnosed at age 14 with a rare form of cancer, pheochromocytoma,...

Student Spotlight: Sean Murray

Lillia Zinszer, Editor-in-Chief

November 2, 2013

Remember watching the show the Power Rangers, and everyone wanted to fight and be just like them when they were little; junior, Sean Murray, did just that and started his passion for Taekwondo. “I started doing Taekwondo...

Students fight cancer over-night

Sahar Takshi, Centerspread Editor

May 22, 2012

Students from Gaither and other surrounding schools will be participating in the American Cancer Society’s annual Relay For Life event on May 17 by raising money and awareness towards cancer research. “Relay for Life teaches...

Students work to “ace their exam”

Jessica Lawless, Public Relations

December 13, 2011

Winter break is coming soon, along with exams. Students study in their own ways, some wait till the last minute while others have started studying the week before even going on break.  “I usually begin to study during...

Leftovers are just as part of the tradition

Camila Acosta, Entertainments Editor

December 9, 2011

During Thanksgiving, one prepares to consume mass amounts of food in a delicious feast coated with gluttony, but almost always one forgets of the large leftovers piled in the fridge threatening to rot if not eaten rapidly. The...

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