The Pony Express

Holiday Spirit Week: Day Five- Ugly Sweater Day

Kayla Mutunhu, Editor-in-Chief

December 18, 2015

Students kicked off the final day of holiday spirit week with the ugliest sweaters they could find. All around the school, students from all classes showed off how excited they were that winter break was just around the corner...

Holiday Spirit Week: Day Two- Holiday Hats

Leigh Dittman, Staff Writer

December 15, 2015

Day two of Winter Spirit Week has brought out the funnies and the classics of winter hats. From red Santa hats to Olaf heads, all are represented. Last year students had to pay a dollar in order to wear a hat. This resulted...

Seat belt Week Encourages Safety

Winnter Tate, Staff Writer

December 7, 2015

For the encouragement of safety in cars and students to wear their seat belts, the school’s Senate developed the idea of  “Seatbelt Spirit Week.” The first day was 'Stoplight Day,' where students wore red, green, or...

Band Brings Straight Superiors Home

Noel Lyons, Staff Writer

November 16, 2015

Recently, our band participated in the annual MPA. Every band in Hillsborough County had to attend this event. MPA stands for Music Performance Assessment. A band can get any rating from poor to superior. This year, the...

College T-Shirt Mondays Give Students Opportunity to Express Interest in Future Schools

Nick Delrio, News/Features Editor

November 16, 2015

College, the next journey for some people who wish to continue their education into further degrees. For students that wish to expand their education careers by attending universities and schools off in distant lands. They...

Club Spotlight: Operation Help Our Heroes

Winnter Tate, Staff Writer

October 22, 2015

Club Operation Help Our Heroes is an interest club founded by alumnus Lauren Astl. The purpose is to help support the United States troops by providing them with total encouragement, gratitude and donations. “Multiple...

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