Fans anticipating the release of Taylor Swift’s new album Red

Sabrina Olivier, Staff Writer

The young 22-year old superstar is coming closer to the release date of her new album Red. Fans everywhere are in buzzing in anticipation to hear Swift’s sixteen newest creations (not including her bonus tracks) on her album.

Her latest single on the radio is the catchy and pop tune We are Never Ever Getting Back Together, which within hours skyrocketed to number one on iTunes, along with other songs off her new album I Knew You Were Trouble, which is said to have more of a dubstep beat, and Begin Again which is more like some of her older songs from previous albums.

Her newest single which was released Oct 16 is called State of Grace which has more of an old rock beat.

The reason for the change in style is because unlike her last hit album Speak Now she didn’t write this one entirely by herself.

“I got the opportunity to work with some of my absolute favorite people in music and so this album is full of co-writes and it’s full of different people producing different things. I’m so excited for you all to hear the new directions of things. The people that I worked with I feel like they were just incredible and really lived up to what I thought they would.” Swift says in a recent Web Chat with Google Plus.

One of the most talked and anticipated feature from Swift’s album is her duet with new coming British singer Ed Sheeran. On Aug 16, Sheeran tweeted a picture with Swift saying “Duet coming soon….” leaving ‘Swifties’ to go berserk.

“I’m so ecstatic for her new album and even more excited for her duet with Ed because I know they won’t disappoint.” Freshman Caitlyn Feenaughty confesses whilst hearing about the duet.

Both Swift and Sheeran admit to being big fans of one another before the collaboration and met up to write a song which made it to the album.

“Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite people in the world” Swift revealed during her Web Chat.

All in all, fans of Swift are very much on their toes to hear what the musician has for them to hear next.

“I can’t wait! I think she’ll definitely attract more audiences with her new songs and style.” Sophomore Isabella DeChard said.

Red is set to be released Oct 22 everywhere for $14 and the deluxe album will be $17